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January 16, 2012

The Word For 2012
Dr Lynne Zimmerman

As many of you are aware, I work a great deal with the subconscious mind and the unconscious energy patterns that influence our thoughts and actions. Since research tells us that 96% of what we think and do is motivated by subconscious factors, I'm always researching new ways to enhance the mind in ways that serve us instead of holding us back.

Selecting a theme word is a way of creating consistent energy around something that we want more of in our life. This idea comes from a source I respect, best-selling author Marci Shimoff, so I decided to try it.

After contemplating for a day or two, the word that came to me was so much softer than my usual work-oriented focus: my word was blessing. Not one I would have expected, but that's the one that came through. For you it could be friend, success, or expansion --you get the idea. For me, surprisingly, it was blessing.

Before I get up in the morning and just before I go to sleep, I now ask to live in a state of blessing. I visualize multiple streams of good energy, every kind of blessing, coming to me from many sources, many of which I don't even know. This idea of tapping into unknown resource brings in the energy of limitlessness -- something the subconscious mind is good at picking up. During the dayI repeat the word blessing to myself often. I ask to be aware of blessings as they are presented to me, and I'm becoming aware of zillions of blessings as a result: my sick cat feeling well enough to cuddle; a perfectly gorgeous moon behind filmy clouds last night; a great idea for a class.

This particular word has also made me aware of blessing others: even silently sending good energy to someone who would ordinarily annoy me! The energy shift as a result of receiving and giving blessing has been palpable in just a few days of practicing it. Can you imagine the power of choosing a word and allowing its energy to power your life for an entire year?

Whatever word you choose, you will know the right one when it comes to you. Author Marci Shimoff outlines a process for finding a theme word in the article below. I wish you every blessing in connecting with your powerful theme word for 2012.

Here's the process author Marci Shimoffrecommends to select and use your theme for 2012:
1. Select a theme that sings to your soul.While you've been reading this, has a theme come to you? Are you having a strong pull to a particular word, phrase, or concept? Maybe there's more than one. Jot them down. Sit with them for a while and see which one speaks the loudest to you. You'll know you've found the right one for you when you're uplifted just thinking about it.

2.Craft your theme into a short intention statement that becomes your mantra for the year. Mine is: I live this year in a continual thank you.

3) Create a vision board with your theme at the top. (I made mine last week, and I love looking at it.)

4) Make a habit of looking for the ways your theme shows up throughout your day.

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

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