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December 9, 2000

Bone Dry
Angela M. Sissons, PhD
In Memorium
August 5, 2005


I'm not satisfied with the explanation.
I didn't come this far in life,
my once-fantastic sex life, to
have it stop bam!
just like that.

Why does menopause have to be
such a foolish time? Hot flashes like
angry hornets buzz inside my
head; emotional seesaws between
full moons this time, he doesn't
love me, yes he does. Oh how
can he love me when we can't make love!

It's not even a menopause I've earned.
Hormonal treatment they call it, for
systemic cancer. But its side effect
is a plunge into wasteland. What do I
do with a closet full of tampons from a
fruitful, juicy past? Tho' the cancer hit
the breast, then the lung (all north of the
equator), it's the southern state that
strangles me. Can't we make love
without pain?

I'm dry as a bone, painful and sore.
My tissues are thin, the elastic has snapped.
My doc says Oh sure, no problem use
this, and this, and this, before sex.
I did, and I did, and I did, and ouch---
what's wrong with me. Am I using it
right? Astroglide, Replenish, Lubrin and more.
Why does it hurt?

Because I'm bonedry, bone dry, dry bones.

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