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October 10, 2002

How to access the CLUB-METS archives
Glenda Strieter

Club Mets has an archive function that allows members to search for previous emails based on subject, a certain text string, or sender. Many of us don't use the archives often, so when we do want to use them we've forgotten how we did it before. To help document archive use, I'm going to take us on an archive hunt and explain each step along the way.

connect to the internet and open your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape). For AOL users, you'll click on world wide web.

In the navigation box at the top of the browser, type in This is the url for the CLUB-METS-BC mailing list page on ACOR.

Bookmark the site for future visits. NOTE: There are many wonderful articles and great resources available via the ACOR site as well. You can click on HOME from the CLUB-METS page to explore ACOR's resources.

Click on the link Search the Archives. This will bring up the search page. From here, you fill in what you want to search for. You may search for a text string like hand and foot syndrome contained in message text, or you may search for words contained in the subject line of messages, or you may search based on the sender of the message.

You will need a listserv password in order to search the archives. If you haven't searched the archives before, chances are that you do not have a password yet. Click on the link Create a listserv password. You will enter your email address and the password you wish to use as your listserv password (not the password you use to log onto your email or computer). You'll need to enter the password again, then click on the button Register password. In just a minute or so, you will receive an email from L-Soft listserver at ACOR. You may either click on the link contained in the message body or reply to the message (following the alternate instructions in the email). If you choose to use the url link, you will see a page that says that your password has been registered. You're all set to search the archives now!

Once you have your password, enter it when prompted to login. You may choose to save your password in a cookie so that you don't have to enter it each time you want to search the archives. If you do this, you might want to make a note of what your password is in case the cookie gets deleted or you switch computers. If you do forget your password, it is possible to reset it following the same procedure you used to create your initial password.

That's about it! If you'd like to try a search, I've done a few just for illustration purposes. Type in exactly what I've got here, and you will get results. By the time you do these searches, you will feel like a 'pro' and will be thinking of your own searches!!

Test search #1 -- search for text - one word
Search for: dog
Since: February 2002
Until: March 2002
You should get 16 results from this search.

Test search #2 -- search for text - phrase
Search for: 'hand and foot syndrome'
***important - you must enclose phrases in quote marks as shown here
Since: 1 January 2002
Until 30 June 2002
You should get 10 results from this search.

Test search #3 -- search by subject
Search for: leave blank
Subject: Halloween
Since: September 2002
You'll get about 12 matches for this - could be more after October 31, 2002

Test search #4 -- search by author
Search for: leave blank
Subject: leave blank
Author: GSTRIETER ***important - you need to search by email address, not the display address
Since: 1 August 2002
Until 31 August 2002
Looks like I posted 15 times during the month of August 2002.

Missing a digest? Use the date of the missing digest in the Since and Until fields to see what you missed....

Happy searching.
gss/October 10, 2002

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