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September 2002

Rules for Club-Mets-BC Members

Glenda Strieter

1) Respect for others and their opinions. The primary purpose of this list is for us to have a place to share and support each other on this journey that we're on. Each of us is entitled to be able to share thoughts, feelings and opinions in an atmosphere of tolerance and trust. If you have an issue with something that someone says, it is best to work it out privately rather than airing dirty laundry on the list. That causes embarrasment and/or hard feelings to the participants, and stress to the bystanders -- none of which are healthy feelings.

2) All subjects related to living with BC Mets are open for discussion except for religion and politics. Those topics involve deeply personal views and can provoke stress-inducing heated discussions. Most of us don't need that kind of stress. Enough said. Discussion of religion does not mean asking for prayers, or telling someone you will pray for them, or saying "thank God", but much more than that would be crossing the line.

3) Please respect the privacy of your fellow list members. This means that you may not quote someone else's message and cross-post to another list. If a post touches or moves you and you'd like to share it via email or print with others not on the list, please get the permission of the writer before doing so.

4) Files sent as attachments do not make it through to the list; attached files are stripped by ACOR. If there is a pertinent article you'd like to share, either copy and paste into your message, or provide a link to the online article.
    *Though file attachments are not allowed, it is encouraged to send attachments of love, extra energy, good vibes, healing thoughts, and hugs.

5) Remember the archives are valuable sources of information. Include a word of your post in the subject. Don't use plain links to other news articles or websites. Include a brief description this will help members present and future. Plus remember many links to news articles are dead within weeks.

6) Fundraising is not allowed on the list, unless it is to help support ACOR (without which we wouldn't be here).

7) We expect new members to introduce themselves within two weeks. We're not a scary bunch, so pop right in and tell us a bit about yourself. You'll find yourself among friends who care and understand at least part of what you are going through. It is disconcerting for listmembers to know that there are people "lurking" - reading messages but never introducing themselves or contributing in any way to the list. We understand that because of health reasons, some of us may not be active on the list, but if possible have a family member or friend send us a post to let us know how you are doing. We worry when our friends just disappear from the list.

Thank you Glenda Streiter for putting these in writing

You are welcome to share this © article with friends, but do not forget to include the author name and web address. Permission needed to use articles on commercial and non commercial websites. Thank you.

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