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July 3, 2000

Organizing the Breast Cancer and Integrative Medicine Conference
Carolene Marks and Sandra Stark

Why did I organize our Conference on Breast Cancer and Integrative Medicine? Healing Choices,Bridging Communities: Breast Cancer and Integrative Medicine Because I was invited to do so and knew that my experience with Breast Cancer and healing would help others.

With Thyroid and Lobular Carcinoma in Situ in my history, I was determined to keep them as history and to do everything possible to prevent further occurence. The first round, I simply had surgery, with subcutaneous bilateral mastectomies and thought we were home free. Not so, twenty years later, a cancerous node alerted me to cancer.

This time I went all out combining bilateral mastectomies, radiation and tamoxifen with complementary, alternative medicine (CAM), such as acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese acupressure), meditation, visualization, macrobiotic diet, exercise. The combination of the two methodologies was the precursor of the new burgeoning Integrative Medicine Route, part of the curriculum of many Medical Schools.

As I healed myself I turned to helping others heal through knowledge about various protocols and meeting with men and women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Then Dr. Debu Tripathy invited me to organize the Conference on Breast Cancer and Integrative Medicine which was suggested at the Mt Zion Breast Cancer Forum, which I attend. The Conference has been such a success that we are looking forward to our third in this year of 2000, with outstanding presenters organized by Breast Cancer Survivors.

This year I hope to include environmental issues and ways we might prevent cancer and end this scourge.
Be Well
Carolene Marks

Sandra Stark
In December of 1996 I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. After about one year of treatments, I had my final treatment of HDC/SCR (Heavy Dose Chemo with Stem Cell Rescue). While recovering from that, I joined the committee for a new conference based on Integrative Medicine for breast cancer. We called the conference Healing Choices/Bridging Communities, since we wanted to let women from all communities know that they had choices in their healing.

There were two main reasons I felt compelled to support this effort. One was because I had come to believe that Integrative Medicine was the most effective way for women to survive breast cancer, the treatment as well as the disease.

My other reason was the very strong feeling that I wanted to give something back in honor of the community of women who had been so giving and helpful to me while I went through my regime of treatment and recovery.

The October 1998 conference was very successful and, as Publicity Chair, I felt very fulfilled having been an integral part of it. Although I was working full time in 1999, I gave what I could to our second conference. Again, it was a wonderful feeling to know that we had helped women gather information and find comfort through our efforts.

Second Annual

Healing Choices,Bridging Communities: Breast Cancer and Integrative Medicine

Cole Hall, UCSF - 513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143

Saturday, October 16,1999 - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Combining Western medicine and the healing traditions from many cultures

Breast cancer survivors and advocates present this innovative conference blending the wisdom of traditional healing arts with the best of modern Western medicine.
For centuries, women have drawn strength from healing practices based upon their cultural traditions. Through this conference, we hope you will be able to experience and explore a wider range of options to restore and maintain health. All interested women and men are welcome.


Saturday, October 16, 1999 Cole Hall, University of California, San Francisco

8:30 A.M. Registration, Exhibits

Jan Yanehiro, Bay Area Broadcaster, Moderator

9:00 - Welcome

*Carolene Marks, Chair Healing Message

*Wanna Wright, J.D. Northern California Breast Cancer Center

9:15 - The Challenge To Find Innovative Ways To Study
Alternative/Complementary Medicine For Breast Cancer

Debu Tripathy, M.D.

9:45 - Ob/Gyn For Survivors - Talk To Your Gynecologist About
Menopause, Pregnancy And Genital Tract Changes After Breast Cancer

Pearl W. Yee, M.D.

10:15 - New Methods Of Detection: Sentinel Node Biopsies

William Goodson III, M.D.

10:40 BREAK

10:55 - Cost And Other Challenges Of Cancer From A Patient's Point Of View

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*Edare Carroll

11:15 - Bridging All Cultures... The Wisdom Of Healing

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

12:15 - LUNCH with Willie L. Brown, Jr., Mayor of San Francisco

1:00 - Choices In Healing: Integrating The Best Of Conventional
And Complementary Approaches In Cancer

Michael Lerner, Ph.D.

WORKSHOP SESSIONS (All workshops will be presented twice)

2:00 - BREAK

2:15 - Workshops

3:15 - BREAK

3:30 - Workshops


JAN YANEHIRO, Bay Area Broadcaster Moderator

*CAROLENE MARKS, Chair Breast Cancer Conference

*WANNA WRIGHT, J.D. Northern California Breast Cancer Center Author, Alive to Testify

DEBU TRIPATHY, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine; Director Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Breast Cancer Center UCSF/Mt.. Zion

PEARL W. YEE, M.D., OB/GYN, CPMC; Immediate Past Chair, Department OB/GYN Chinese Hospital

WILLIAM GOODSON, III, M.D., President San Francisco Medical Society

*EDARE CARROLL, Breast Cancer Activist Managing Editor, San Francisco Medicine

RACHEL NAOMI REMEN, M.D., UCSF Associate Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal

WILLIE L. BROWN, JR. Mayor of San Francisco

MICHAEL LERNER, President, Commonweal Author, Choices in Healing

* Denotes Breast Cancer Survivor


(Priority given to pre-registered participants) All workshops will be presented twice

1 - African Healing - ERIC VORMANNS, President World Federation for Spiritual Healing

(Dress comfortably for exercise and stretching)

2 - Chinese Medicine - EFFIE ChOW, R.N., Ph.D. President, East West Academy of Healing Arts

(Dress comfortably for exercise and stretching)

3 - Native American Healing - LEWIS MEHL MADRONA, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Medical Director, Center for Complementary Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Author, Coyote Medicine

4 - Guided Imagery - MARTIN ROSSMAN, M.D., UCSF Clinical Faculty, Author, Healing Yourself: A Step-by-Step Program for Better Health Through Imagery

5 - Hablemos Sobre el Cáncer (We Speak About Cancer)- *JUDY CASTRO, Ed.D., Activista del cáncer de los senos en la comunidad Latina (Breast cancer activist in the women's Latin American community.)

6 - Lymphedema and Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Patients - SASKIA THIADENS, R.N., President, National Lymphedema Network

7 - Accessing Joy and Sensuality After a Cancer Diagnosis, a New Context for Healing - *ANDREA MARTIN, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Fund, and RICHARD GELERNTER, Portrait Artist

8 - Nutrition - BETH MCDOUGALL, M.D., Associate Medical Director, San Francisco Preventive Medical Group

9 - Sound Healing Today and in the New Millennium - STEVEN HALPERN, Ph.D., Composer, Educator, Sound Healer

10 - Walking the Labyrinth - ANNA YANG, R.N. Grace Cathedral Labyrinth Facilitator

* Denotes Breast Cancer Survivor

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