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July 30, 2001

Social Security Disability Delays
Mick Mickler

Deserving Patients Who Should File For Social Security Disability Are Likely To Experience Long Delays, Major Roadblocks And Possible Denial Of Their Disability Claim Because Of Not Knowing How The System Works

AUSTIN, TX -- March 23, 2001 --Individuals, including children, that are having to file for social security disability have no idea of the numerous road blocks and delays they are soon to face before receiving those critical disability benefits. In Texas alone, there is a back-log of over 25,000 applications that have been sitting for months just waiting to be processed. Why the delay?

According to a number of retired Disability Determination Examiners, it's the result of a number of negative factors coming together at the same time which are causing those people, including children, to have to wait for months before receiving any notification of approval or denial of their disability applications. What's so sad in this scenario is that most of the factors contributing to the delays could be solved at the beginning of the application process. Unfortunately, most of the critical information disability examiners use when developing an individual's case is not being written on the application in the beginning.

It's unfortunate that the Social Security field office personnel taking applications for disability, are not taking the time, or do not have time to review and make suggestions as to what is needed to help prevent long delays in the processing time of applications before they reach a Disability Examiner's desk.

Federal Panel Warns Bush Of Social Security Problems

In a recent article by the New York Times, a federal panel set up to investigate the Social Security Disability system quotes that, "The quality of service provided to the public by the Social Security Administration has deteriorated in recent years, and the problems are likely to grow as millions of baby boomers retire." Just a few of the serious problems targeted include:

Is There An Answer?

Yes, but it is probably not what most people want to hear. The answer is in the old saying, if you want it done right, do it yourself! When completing the application for disability benefits, the deserving applicant should leave nothing to question. Every item on every page should be absolutely complete, correct, accurate and current. The Disability Examiner must investigate everything on the application, and if any of the information is incorrect or unclear in any way, the case will be delayed for months. It is truly a shame that deserving individuals with severe disabling conditions are forced to wait month after month to hear a decision on their claim. Most of these people are desperately in need of benefits as soon as possible.

Mick Mickler AGAINST ALL ODDS!!!
Disability Advocacy

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