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March 14, 2005

Diet and Cancer
Denis Corpet, PhD, Dir.Sci., Prof. Ecole Nationale Veterinaire

Colorectal cancer hits too many people. In non-smoker, it is the major cause of cancer death! But the comparison of people living different ways strongly suggests that we can change our risk of catching cancer. A major part of the story is to eat differently. Perhaps 3 cancers out of 4 could be avoided with a better diet!

The question is thus: what shall I eat? You already know that eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is good for you. And many researches are currently being done to know more precisely which plants are protective, and what is protective in them. Most often, the idea which arise from epidemiological studies is tested in animals.

Rats or mice are exposed to a carcinogen, then to a putative protective diet, or to a chemopreventive agent (e.g., aspirin). And if a diet or an agent really looks protective in animals (preclinical study), a big human intervention trial is set up. Hundreds of such preclinical studies had been completed and published already, and several clinical studies in human volunteers. The results of all these studies are gathered in a single
Chemoprevention Database

The access is free, since we built it as French civil servants and research scientists. The database can be searched by agent (e.g., fat or fiber), and can also be sorted to see the most potent agents on each kind of experimental model. Have a look and try it!

This database on colon cancer prevention is a systematic review of 418 scientific studies on human volunteers, rats & mice. Most effective agents & diets are ranked by potency in a dynamic table, updated each year.

Denis Corpet
PhD, Dir.Sci., Prof. Ecole Nationale Veterinaire
UMR Xenobiotiques INRA-ENVT, Aliments & Cancer
23 Capelles BP.87614, 31076 TOULOUSE 3, France
Tel: 33-or-0 +561 1939 82 Fax +561 4912 63

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