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October 31, 2004

Fresh Fall Facial Masques
Jennifer Tanner

Everyone is aware that fresh, ripe, in-season produce tastes the best and is healthiest for your body's natural rhythms. Well, this also applies to what you feed your face...the skin on your face that is. During the fall your skin responds to being subjected first to Indian Summer then to frigid, chilly air. Your skin automatically feels rough and chapped and is in need for some pre-holiday glow. Enjoy!! (oh and if there's some left over I guess you could eat it, too!.)

Tangy Honey Apple Masque:
1 small apple peeled and cored (or natural applesauce)
2 squirts of honey
2 pours finely ground oats
2 drops lemon essential oil

Mix everything except the essential oil. If the masque is thick enough to stay on your face by itself add the essential oil. (no more than 2 drops! Lemon is very astringent and will irritate the skin in larger quantities) Apply to clean skin, rinse with tepid water after 15 minutes, then apply a moisturizer. If you are going outside at all apply a sunscreen.

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