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October 7, 2000

Fear of Mets
Christie Anderson

The one event that outraged me the most was when I went to one of our local hospitals here and asked about being part of the visiting breast cancer patients in the hospital, I was turned down because I had mets. They only wanted women that only had Stage 1. They didn't tell me this in so many words, however what they wanted was women not to know that there could be a possibility of future reoccurrence, and to go 1 step further they didn't want anybody that had been through chemo.

I have since written them a letter and told them how I felt when I was in the hospital and I got a visitor and how frustrated I was that the women that came to see me had not had chemo and furthermore knew nothing about it. I remember that woman to this day, I saw the look of fear on her face when I told her what the plan was for me and she couldn't get out of the room fast enough.

Those of us with mets are a group that they don't (whomever they are) want people to know that this horrible disease has a face. I share your anger and I am sure everybody on Club-Mets-BC does as well.
Christie Anderson

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