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June 10, 2002

HMO Letter
John A. Fetto, J.D.

Dear [Insert Name of HMO]:

This is to memorialize our conversation yesterday with my doctor in which I was informed that you would not authorized a diagnostic procedure requested by my doctors called a [ Insert procedure ] which they believed would have provided vital information for the treatment of my cancer.

If you know anything about my medical history then you know I am facing a life threatening disease. I am in precisely the situation where I needed you help, and instead you insist on stonewalling me regarding this vital procedure. If you know anything about a [ Insert procedure ] then you know how vital this test is. All I think you know is that it is expensive.

Please state the basis for your denial of this procedure in writing to me, and specially point out the language in my insurance contract upon which you bases your denial. Please be advised that I am having your actions reviewed by counsel for bad faith.

Your Name

cc: State Insurance Commissioner// Agency...Local Congressman

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