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December 22,2011

Holiday Knitting and Crochet Projects
Stefan Christenberry, RN

Hello Everyone,
As we know the final days to Shop Until You Drop, and for our hard-core Knitters and Crocheters, it becomes like a major marathon Beating The Clock, racing against time. Some of us prepare year round to complete these endless Big projects, and some of us continue to add, one more something fast & simple for the girl in the office, or I just met the sweetest person, that deserves one of my 2 hour projects that add to the menu. Remember people we do these special tasks out of Love & Kindness. This isn't suppose to allow us to scurry around, like chickens with their heads cut-off, but a desire and gift to provide one with a piece of our hearts.

On the other hand, there are your so-called seasonal knitter and crocheters that start towards the end of the summer, and map out their projects effectively, and wind down in time, before the hectic 24 hour period, (go figure). The only remedy for the final road of completing this marathon is to accept, breathe, and move on to whatever is on the needles at this time.

We look back annually, and it's the same scenario. So why not do something differently for the upcoming year of 2012, and make some positive, healthy, dramatic changes of life, and step outside of the box, and stop tormenting ourselves, on the Perfection Syndrome. It's only a character defect that we either choose to keep or do something that will be forever changing and provide a new way to start living for the upcoming year, which is around the corner.

Oh by the way...Did I mention dead lines... No it's not something that one hangs on a clothes-line that pretends as if something has died or been slaughtered, LOL! It's inner pressure that we hold ourselves accountable for to fulfill or accomplish goals that are unobtainable, you think? At this X-mas Season.

I was walking through a store in San Francisco at Union Square (mid-week, last week), admiring people's faces, packages, and vendor's standing out in front of their bay's, attempting to stream-line a customer or to since the customer wasn't receiving enough bait to lure them to the counter. The individual's shopping appeared miserable, somewhat of a scowl on their face, and carrying enough bags in each arm as if they had won the lottery, but the reflection on their faces proved to show a major difference. No joy! No happiness! No excitability that normally accompanies the typical involvement that one receives, while being in the moment or the holiday spirit, that suppose to flow this season.

I bet if they had some Addi-Turbo's, that I call the Mercedes-line, of Knitting needles, their entire perspective would be quite differently. They would be smiling, if they were on the receiving end of a request list by a knitter that appreciates the necessary essentials, or the simple things in the knitting world, as it were. Adding a little bit of snobbery to that equation is completely appropriate. I'm still waiting for Santa to send me my request form from (4) years ago- a ball winder and a swift. I always say if you want something bad enough you either have to scrimp and save to get it, or we have to be bold enough to ask a certain friend or family member, or even a social knitter circle friend is there a possibility of them purchasing that special item that would make you happier, and content to make their projects more efficient, even if that is embellishing the basic needs, HA! Worse case scenario, after all that is made and done we complete our Knitter's Dream, by waiting until 2012, and hopes of not repeating the same routine and expecting a different outcome, for the New Year.....Until Then Good Luck!! my friends, and continue to finish that marathon, as it won't end until that last bind off has been completed with the finishing work, ending a sweat shop day.

This is Stefan wishing all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Creative New Year!
The Knitter Extraordinaire/Creative Designer/Blog Writer
of Stefano Knits
Many Blessings!!

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