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September 27, 2010

A Life With No Regrets!
Neil F Neimark MD

"We all suffer one of two things in life: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret." These are the words of motivational speaker and philosopher Jim Rohn.

Which is it going to be for you - Discipline or Regret?
The wise person, says Jim Rohn, will choose discipline. Why? Because discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs pounds. Discipline leads us to our dreams; regret leads us away from them. Discipline renews us; regret just chews at us.

Most of us, Jim says, just cross our fingers and hope that things will get better. But the truth is, nothing will get better, unless we set out to make it better. And hope is not a plan. It is an essential force necessary for growth, but not sufficient to ensure it.

If you set out now to improve your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being, you can chart a course towards a new destiny. If you cast a powerful vision, put together a plan, develop a system and then follow through with the discipline it takes, you will create a level of success and prosperity that few in life ever achieve.

Always remember - in this life - pain is inevitable.
The question to ask is, Will it be the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Here's a practical tip to help you put things into perspective.
Consider something you deeply desire to achieve in life. Now, take out a piece of paper, divide it into two columns and at the top of the left hand column, write down The pain of discipline. At the top of the right hand column, write down, The pain of regret. Under each heading, list three items. For example, under the pain of discipline column, you might write, I will have to get up early to do my exercises, or I will have to practice my scales every day. Under the pain of regret column, write down the things you know you will regret if you fail to discipline yourself. For example, I will risk an early heart attack due to my strong family history and poor eating habits, or I will never know the joy of writing music for others to sing, etc.

I wish you a life with no regrets. Till next time, be well.

Neil F. Neimark, MD

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