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January 30, 2001

More Helpful Ideas for MRI Scans
Shawna Anderson, Doreen Jaskela, Nancy Moffatt, Judith Nielsen, Sherry Pedersen, Pat Ratcliff

I had an MRI while I still had a port and surgical staples, no problem. Yes, prepare yourself with a sedative, and DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES!
Pat Ratcliff

I also have a bunch of titanium clips, and have had an MRI with no problems. I'm guessing that one of the reasons they use the titanium is because it doesn't interfere with future testing.
Sherry Pedersen

The first MRI I had I took a valium before hand. They also put a wash cloth over my eyes and I had no idea how closed in the machine was. I haven't taken valium since then. I just ask for a covering over my eyes and fresh air blowing in the machine.
Works for me.
Shawna Anderson

I also have a port and a few surgical clips in my chest. These were no problem during an MRI. My MRI took about 30 minutes. I am not claustrophoic, so I had no problem with the procedure. I am sure your doc could prescribe something to help you.
Love and hugs,
Judy Nielsen

I was scared out of my mind after reading all the terrible things that were happening to people having an MRI. I went for my first one with great fear, took the ativan under my tongue about 5 minutes before entering the chamber and had my eyes closed the whole time except for one peep. I started gentle breathing and meditation and was almost surprised when I was told it was finished.

I am sure that the breathing and meditation together with the medication was the answer and I know that next time - I will do the same things and not worry beforehand.
Doreen Jaskela

When Denise gets her MRI's we now insist on seeing the chief radiologist and compare current films with past films. We feel we get a better picture of how he feels, and we are able to ask him questions directly.
I also must tell you that most radiologist in hospitals will not see or talk to the patients, you must be very pushy.
Nancy Moffatt

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