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October 26, 2000

MRM Nerve Damage
Norma Steele

Dear Alexandra,
While I never experienced anything as extreme as what Wendy describes in Mastectomy Pain Advice sounds like something that I went through for almost 2.5 years post surgery. Even to this day I experience a bit of this.

I could not tolerate the weight of the prosthesis against my chest wall for longer than 4 hours at a time. It would start to feel as if I had a huge weight leaning against my chest. I used to describe it as having the weight of an anvil against bare bone. My chest would be extremely sore to the touch.

For a year I complained to every doctor that I saw about this constant pain I had. I knew it was being caused by the weight of my prosthesis because when it was removed it went away but every doctor told me the same thing: Your nerve endings are just healing, it will take time. And so for a year I put up with this and was starting to feel as if I was going crazy since no one seemed to be concerned. I was starting to think that this would indeed become chronic pain that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Finally, after breaking down in tears in my onc docs office, I was given a prescription for Elavil for nerve pain and after a period of 2-3 months I did get some relief. I was able to wear my prosthesis 6-8 hours without the pain.

One night I went to an open house at CBHP (Community Breast Health Project) and was able to talk to a plastic surgeon about the constant pain I had. She immediately nodded her head and said that I probably had a neuroma. Just as Wendy was told, she explained to me that it is nerve damage from my MRM. The nerves were bunched up into a bundle and were causing me pain. She suggested that possibly it could be remedied by surgery but most likely would disappear with time.

I stayed on the Elavil and finally about 6 months ago I realized that the pain had diminished to discomfort and only occurs after wearing my prosthesis for most of the day. I no longer take the Elavil but I do however still have days where it does hurt quite a bit, this past week as a matter of fact.

I hope that Wendy can find some relief. As I am writing this I think there was someone else on the List that went through something similar. If my memory is correct, I think it was S... S... who went through what sounds like very similar pain as Wendy's. I also seem to recall that it did eventually diminish so that she could bear to have clothing against the skin.
Live, love and laugh,
Norma Steele

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