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December 7, 2009

How to Tap Into The Hidden Power of Your Healing System
Neil F. Neimark, MD

Your Healing System
Discovering Your Blind Spots

Your Healing System
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Within each one of us there lies a healing system capable of fighting off disease, combating infection and bringing us greater energy, vitality and well-being.

In any medical text we can read about the digestive system, the circulatory system or the nervous system, but nowhere can we find a chapter on the healing system. Yet it is this very healing system which allows all our other systems to function with brilliant precision.

Our healing system is the organizing force through which all our body systems function with a deep intelligence and miraculous sense of balance and wholeness.

Bernie Siegel, MD, the famous Yale surgeon and author, speaks of this healing system eloquently when he says "as a surgeon, I cut into the body and I rely on it to heal. I don't have to yell into the wound and tell it how to heal." The body, in its own infinite wisdom, knows how to heal.

The healing system lies within us. Our body has its own natural ability to heal. Though in certain situations, surgery or drugs may be life saving, it is our internal healing system which allows ultimate life.

We all know of patients who have lost the will to live. No matter how valiant the efforts of medical experts, how advanced the technologies, how genuine the prayers of friends and relatives, these patients will continue on a downhill course, until and unless they find within themselves some sense of meaning with which to embrace life and connect to something greater than themselves, something greater than their sense of illness or despair.

It is this will to live, to prosper, to grow, to contribute, to engage life with passionate involvement, which most directly contributes to the overall health of our healing system.

The late Norman Cousins, author of Head First, The Biology of Hope, says "the doctor has a role beyond the prescription pad to invoke the patients own bodily resources" for healing, the patient's own healing system.

So, what gives you your will to live? What are you passionately involved in? What motivates you to prosper, to grow, to contribute and to engage life? If you are not sure or can't think of anything, take some time to ponder these questions.

If you have lots of things you are passionate about, take some time to consider how you can integrate this passion into your daily life in a way that contributes not only to your enjoyment but to the benefit of others.

Discovering Your Blind Spots
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Passing by a man who was born blind from birth, the students asked their Master, "Master, was it this man or his parents who sinned?" The Master replied, "It was not this man who sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be made visible in him".

We are all blinded -- wounded -- in some way, whether by ignorance, anger, hurt, shame or desire. As we go through life, we begin to realize that in our blindedness we may inadvertently -- or mistakenly -- cause pain to ourselves or others. But the pain of our blindedness -- of our woundedness -- is not a punishment for anything we have done wrong. It is an opportunity to be more loving, more compassionate, more God-like in our character and behavior.

We must not blame ourselves or others for our blind spots. We must, instead, use them to learn how to see.

All healing involves making the invisible, visible. In so doing, we realize that our blindness is temporary, and with effort, determination and grace, we can -- one day -- open our eyes and see that which we could not previously see. This is how we become more loving and more compassionate.

If you want to learn how to open your eyes and begin to see new possibilities for your life - possibilities for physical, emotional and spiritual happiness, guided journaling exercises will help you:
- Find your blind spots and learn ways to overcome them and see with new eyes
- Discover your wounded places and begin to heal your anger, hurt, shame or doubts
- Identify the blind spots in your relationships and learn how to create truly harmonious and joyous relationships
- Begin living the vital and happy life you deserve to live
- Achieve a new level of physical health, emotional happiness and spiritual well-being

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