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August 20, 2001

Scarves after Surgery
Alexandra Andrews and Chloe Hansson

After breast cancer surgery, some women may experience pain and be uncomfortable or totally unable to wear a prothesis. Many who suffer from post mastectomy syndrome (happens with lumpectomies too) are unable to wear bras or anything tight. What can one do about the one-sided look?

Here is an ingenious solution by Chloe Hansson
I just wanted to offer a suggestion for going without a bra and how to feel comfortable with the flat side.

I wear a scarf and a decorative pin (I have lots of pretty ones) to hold it in place. I haven't worn a bra since January and I don't think anyone has ever known I was concealing anything.

I have quite a few of the rectangular scarves and they look very nice with all my clothes. It may work for you too!

The most important tip about the scarf.
When you put it around your neck, don't tie it but line it up evenly at the bottom on both sides. Then gather it slightly and put the pin near your shoulder on the flat side. This works remarkably well to completely conceal the flatness.

I hope this helps.

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