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January 26, 2004

Helpful Tips for Sleep
Mary Lou Barr, Glenda Strieter and Jeanne Turner
In Memorium - Glenda Strieter, April 29, 2004

My water bed looks like a standard queen size pillow-top mattress on box springs. I buy standard queen sheets and blankets; I have a bed skirt.

The difference seems to be that the bladder fits into the space that would be the springs and slats. Also, there isn't the waviness that we experienced on early water beds. Only when someone lays down on it do they realize it's a water bed.

It's a lot cheaper than tempurpedic and you can replace parts. I've had this bed for 10 years and replaced the bladder a couple of years ago.

I'm thinking of replacing the frame it stands on because my sons, in chasing the cats, picked up the fully loaded bed by the frame and one of them lost his hold. Crash!! The legs on one side of the frame are bent under enough that I'd like to take care of it.
Mary Lou Barr

I was teased about being the princess and the pea last year. I'd gotten to the point where I could not sleep in bed either. Bed too hard -- couldn't lie on right side because of shoulder, not on left side because of hip, not on my back because of spine, and sleeping on my stomach has always bothered my back. But I got tired of sleeping in the recliner all the time.

First I went and purchased an egg crate style foam pad. It helped a little, but not enough. Then I found some tempurpedic mattress pads. I got two of them, each a couple inches thick. Now we need a ladder to get into bed, or at least my little doggy does. But the bed feels ever so much better!!! I also splurged on a tempurpedic pillow, and have a large pile of pillows that I can put wherever I wish. I've slept through the night in the bed now. Snoring still wakes me up, though. And some nights pain wakes me - but not because of the bed being too hard.
Just thought I'd mention this in case it would be helpful to anyone out there.
Glenda Strieter

Something that has helped me is a nice thick lamb's wool cover for our mattress. I sleep on my side and it seems to cushion my painful hips.
Jeanne Turner

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