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Terroir (Environment)
M. A. Andrews

Terroir (Environment) The word terroir comes from terra meaning earth, land. Terroir is the concept that the surrounding environment affects crops. I propose that the idea of terroir be expanded to reflect our everyday existence. The air that surrounds us, the water we drink, the foods we eat. This concept may seem obvious but seldom considered. Could sicknesses with colorful names such as Delhi Belly and Montezuma's Revenge be visitors reacting to a different terroir?

The idea of terroir must be recognized when using botanicals. For instance, when making an herbal extraction, why depend on water from thousands of miles away? This water packaged in plastic bottles for how many hours, days, weeks, months, years, is not of your local environment? There are many instances of companies claiming to sell pure or distilled water, but instead using their local tap water. Also, distilled water is missing trace minerals. You are losing the benefits of terroir.

Keeping with the idea of terroir is to become a locavore. A locavore consumes food grown locally, (approximately 100-250 miles), and avoids food products shipped to market from wherever. When buying honey, milk, vegetables, fruit, etc., try to be mindful of the local environment or terroir.

But let us be practical! If you live in a multistory urban building, it is unlikely that you will go outside to pick your vegetables and fruit, snip your herbs, thresh your grain, milk your cow, collect your honey, and then after these steps, prepare your meal. However, keeping with the idea of terroir, you can make your meals and drinks using local water.

Investigate Botanical Power -- Let Food Be Your Medicine
M. A. Andrews

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