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Turtles Against Trump
Dana Troy

Here's an effort I learned about at a recent knitting group:
Here you can find a pattern for a cute little turtle, and you can even nominate someone to receive a handmade tiny turtle. This concept was born of surprise over the unexpected election results, following a sleepless night afterwards. It's basically a small form of peaceful protest, and an attempt to make a positive contribution to our community. A way to share and connect, to thank people who are making positive contributions, while creating a bit of cuteness in the process. And let's face it - we could use some extra cuteness in our lives, especially now.

Make America Cute Again
Despite the confrontational-sounding name, I really don't intend to be divisive. I am, however, deeply concerned about the damage Trump could cause in the coming years, and want to express that our community and our rights are important. I also want to share tiny turtles to thank those who are doing good (see Get a Turtle for tiny turtle nominations).

Why turtles?
Many of the qualities associated with turtles will be important for weathering the time ahead of us, especially patience and peaceful persistence.

My purpose is simple:
To slowly spread cuteness and kindness one tiny turtle at a time.

Make a Turtle
Crochet pattern: click here
Have an idea for a turtle people can make?

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