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November 6, 2000

Christie Anderson

This morning I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers. I have not told any of the members that I have BC. I have told the lecturer, however. Apparently somebody in the weigh line in the last few weeks overheard my conversation with the lecturer and has been wagging her tongue with a number of women and then they had been talking, Well, today I was standing in line and 2 women were talking and they didn't know that I was the woman, I am the last person to look like I have stage 4 breast cancer, on the outside I look healthy.

Well, I didn't hear all of it , but I heard enough to send me crying out of the meeting. The woman was saying, "I hope I don't run into that woman who has Breast Cancer, it is bad enough that I am depressed about my weight, I don't want to have to get more depressed by seeing somebody who is not only over weight, but has Cancer too, don't they have meetings for fat women who have Cancer, they should have a rule about that". The other women just laughed. These 2 women looked to be about 5 lbs overweight.

I couldn't stay for the rest of the meeting, I left. Same old discrimination that I talked about before. I did come home and left a message for the lecturer and she called me back and told me the there was a woman who asked the question of her today about WW having their own special meeting. She also told me that she had seen me waiting in line and also saw me leave in a hurry and was concerned. She said that when the woman asked her that question she put 2 and 2 together and that she in turn asked the woman if she had been talking about that in line and she replied "yes", well the lecturer told her that the woman standing behind her was the woman with Breast Cancer. Nothing more was said and she apologized all over the place for this stupid woman's remarks. Can you believe it.???

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