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October 26, 2009

Wake Up!
Neil F. Neimark, MD

The Master taught: "When a sleeping prince is dreaming that he is a beggar and cries out in anguish at his poverty and hunger, you do not say to him, "Beggar, wake up!" You say "Prince, wake up! You have fallen asleep and dreamt you were a beggar!"

We are all princes and princesses who have -- in some way -- fallen asleep and forgotten the royalty of our soul. We are made in the image of the Divine creator and, as such, our very essence is love and our very birthright is worthiness. We must only awaken to it in order to heal.

A part of our awakening to our essential worthiness is the acceptance that--in this world--we are all wounded in some way--whether by genetics, family circumstance, illness or misfortune.

Likewise, in some way, we all intuitively crave--and deserve--to be whole, to be healed.

Awakening from the dream means that we feel our emptiness, the voids in our life, our not-enough places, and seek to fill them with meaning, worthiness and a measure of fullness.

This is the healing process: the drive to mend our broken places and become whole again. In seeking to become whole, you will inevitably embark on a journey that leads you into your own sense of utter uniqueness, into your own adventure of self-discovery.

Heal your emotional pain
Reduce your stress
Heal your hurts and disappointments in life
Begin to forgive your inadequacies.
Find a measure of fullness and meaning in life
Rekindle the flames of love within you

You truly deserve to be whole and feel healed in your life. If you want to awaken from the dream and remember your essential worthiness and nobility, visit ( and learn how guided journaling techniques can help you:

(The above story is adapted from Journey to Self-Realization by Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Publishers, 1998; the Master in this story is Paramahansa Yogananda.)

Till next time, be well. In body and soul,
Neil F. Neimark, MD

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