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March 23, 2001

The Why for Writing Mind, Body, and Soul; A Guide to Living with Cancer
Nancy Hassett Dahm

People have asked me why I wrote this book. There is no one answer, but many. As a nurse, I have cared for many hundreds of terminally ill cancer patients. I have seen what living with cancer can do to a patient and family, both in good ways and more often, not so good ways.

I am going to tell you what few people will utter in public. Our medical system, quite frankly, reeks of apathy, indifference, and caters not to patient needs but to the needs of medicine as a business. Medicine is a business. Cancer is a business. Patients and families, who read this, will know what I am talking about. There is no need to elaborate the negative aspects of cancer care, because patients and families already know it all.

But what they don't all know is how to overcome the medical system to get what they need, when they need it.

This is the why portion of writing Mind, Body, and Soul; A Guide to Living with Cancer. I know from years of experience, what the needs of cancer patients are, because they have told me. Together, we found out what works and what doesn't work. Together, we found that care of the mind and the soul is as important as caring for the body. We found that the human spirit soars when there is love and compassion. Together we have that hope is an innate part of the human condition and transpires beyond what is mortal- hope comes from the seat of our soul.

The why is because I loved my patients and their families. The why is because I can show others how to be as pain-free as possible, manage their symptoms, relieve their stress and fear, and have dignity in sickness and/or in death. The why is because you and your family deserve the very best I can give as a nurse, but more importantly, because like you, my hope comes from the seat of my soul.

Mind, Body, and Soul; A Guide to Living with Cancer

Available at
Published by Taylor Hill Publishing, LTD.
Hard Cover, 336pp.
Copyright 2000

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