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The Six States Necessary For Daily Preservation Of Health
MA Andrews

Preferred Pain Center of Phoenix, AZ

- 1. Fresh Air which affects the heart.

- 2. Right use of Food and Drink in the daily diet.

- 3. Exercise (motion) and Rest.

- 4. Sleep and Wakefulness.

- 5. Correct use of Elimination and Retention.

- 6. Moderation in emotions --anger, joy, fear, distress, etc.

These six categories may be called the Laws of Health. The goal of The Six States Necessary For Daily Preservation Of Health is to achieve vital energy, life force, and mental capacity. Vital energy or Life Force occurs when the external and the internal worlds are in balance. As within as without and As above as below are pivotal points of medicine and healing.

Investigate Botanical Energetics -- Let Medicine Be Your Food
M. A. Andrews

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