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October 13, 2009

Changing Beliefs: Revolutionizing Health
Lynne Zimmerman, DC, BSc, CHT

Changing Beliefs: Revolutionizing Health
If you have been suffering illness as a result of toxic assumptions, you can begin to reverse them in this moment. Following are processes you can use to excavate limiting beliefs and implement new ones. These processes have allowed thousands of people to transcend the debilitating effects of former limiting beliefs, changing their brain maps with neural circuits that carry messages of health, and with new chemical messages that communicate with every cell in the body, initiating vitality at the cellular level. In the rest of this article you'll find the processes for implementing these changes for yourself.

How do you know if you are laboring under the weight of self-limiting beliefs ? How do you discover the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back? First, look at each area of your life that is not the way you want it to be, the parts that aren't working:
- Are you tired most of the time?
- Are you suffering chronic pain or illness?
- Do you deal with constant stress/depression/anxiety?
- Does a relationship(s) stink?
- Does your job suck the life out of you?
- Do you feel stuck?

Write down each of the areas in your life that you want to change . Next, write down the change that you want to see in each category, with room under each heading for more writing.

Now, under each change you want to see, write down the reasons you haven't made this change. In these reasons you will find your unconscious limiting beliefs.

For example, if you suffer with chronic pain and you want to change this, the reasons for not changing might look like this:
- There is no cure for this pain.
- No one has ever fully recovered from this.
- My dad inherited this from his dad, and now I have it.
- I've tried everything, and nothing has worked.

What is the limiting belief behind each of these statements?
- It is impossible to cure this pain.
- If no one else has been cured, I can't be cured either.
We inherit our physical problems. Inherited physical traits can't be changed.
- If the things I've already tried haven't worked, nothing else will work either.

When you uncover a limiting belief, it may resonate for you immediately. You may recognize instantly that this is a belief that you have been holding unconsciously. This is true for many people, once they look at their reasons for not changing.

1 The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD: © 2008 Hay House

© 2009 Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
Dr. Zimmerman is the author of the forthcoming book Creating a New Brain Map: Energy Medicines for Your Body and Mind

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